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June 2nd update: A recap of Dominium's May 31 meeting is on "The Facts" page. It's time for us to SHOW UP to support our City Leaders in being our voice to say NO. (1) For the Thurs. June 16th 6pm (P&Z review) but (2) MOST IMPORTANTLY for the Tues. August 16th 6pm City Council meeting vote.

NEW: We will also start back up our WEDNESDAYS 9 pm Zoom calls o.

Be the Voice of Surprise
Welcome Surprise Independent Readers and thank you for your story on Aug. 11, Richard Smith. We are being noticed, and we now must be ready to be at City Hall in person in February and March to help the future of our neighborhood and its future residents!!! Watch for the Planning & Zoning Commission meetings  - details here for FS20-829 Truman Ranch to provide a recommendation to the City Council - SIGN UP TO SPEAK AT THE MEETING HERE (Find the purple button part-way down that reads "PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION COMMENT FORM") Showing up at city meetings and district meet & greets, writing to city leaders, sharing this with neighbors, and getting signatures on the corner (we're waiting for some summer heat to fade before resuming LOL) has been working! Keep it up.

LIVE: Watch the Voice of Surprise GROW!!! + Live Map

NEW: Living Document/Research - "The Facts"

UPDATED: Sign the online Petition NOW

UPDATED: If you wish to print this petition and get your neighbors to sign it, here it is: Word | PDF

You can also print these flyers with the website to spread the word: PowerPoint | PDF

You can also read this more detailed flyer to share with your friends: Word | PDF

Help right away. Sign the petition online and then share it with 5 of your friends to do the same. The window of time is short (mid-August). Know the issues of FS20-829 & contact your council reps

Dominium wants to put 1.76 parking spaces per unit vs. code of 2.25--here's their gaslighting "study"

Sample Letter to Mayor Skip Hall


Key Events

Don't let our voices fade, we need to act before the August City Council Meeting

  • Starting June 2, 2022 again, Every Thursday 9 pm - Voice of Surprise Zoom (see number, zoom link and details below)

  • Thursday, June 16th, 6 pm @ Council Chambers - Planning & Zoning Commission meeting (Waddell Crossing WILL BE on the agenda - check here - they will provide a recommendation to the City Council - SIGN UP TO SPEAK AT THE MEETING HERE (Find the purple button part-way down that reads "PLANNING AND ZONING COMMISSION COMMENT FORM")

  • Tuesday, August 16th, 6 pm @ Council Chambers - Regular City Council Meeting where they will vote on Dominium - SIGN UP TO SPEAK AT THE MEETING HERE

We already know this location for "affordable housing" makes ZERO sense and Dominium has no well-established communities of this type in Arizona—so they really don’t know Arizona nor the impact!!!

Sadly, attending the 6:30 pm Tues. 6/29/21 meeting at Sunset Hills was turned into a set of displays instead of a real discussion because Dominium was no longer interested in input from the community.

UPDATE: Moving these to Wednesdays... it's better placed considering the P&Z Commission meets Thursday night. We are meeting on Zoom every Wednesday at 9 pm (so we can give our kids the evenings they deserve) until at least the August 16 City Council meeting..

Meeting links will be posted here below at

Join Zoom Meeting every Thursday at 9 pm:


Meeting ID: 838 9724 7047
Passcode: 883322
One tap mobile

Dial in (audio only):
        +1 669 900 6833
Meeting ID: 838 9724 7047
Passcode: 883322
Find your local number:




Thanks to the volunteers and those who gathered about 300 more signatures in the blazing heat on the morning of Saturday, July 10th, and then again about 400 more July 17th-18th. 

We need volunteers for the 25th-26th (click here to see the sign up times)


We can approach you too for a signature, and will post other signing events. See the link at the top of the page or right here below TO SIGN

Why ?

Some key decisions are being made without your input or voice. Are you ready to help our leaders hear the Voice of Surprise?

Right now some key decisions about the future of the City of Surprise are being made without true representation. is designed to keep you in the know, and to help us unite as citizens together to get our council to represent us. (.net and .org work too) is an easy name to remember to get the latest information on some critical decisions facing our community. Are you ready to help protect our interests and unite our Voice of Surprise?

Our Current Concerns

Our most pressing actionable efforts


Affordable Housing at Waddell & Cotton

Don't put it here!    NOTE: Our Forum is currently not working, will fix it ASAP

No one is against affordable housing opportunities, but PLACEMENT IS EVERYTHING--this should be built across from City Hall, for example, not bottlenecking a landlocked neighborhood.


Latest links, stories, and articles to get educated on the main matter at hand.


Surprise mayor: We need more workforce affordable housing

May 10, 2021

Skip Hall, our Surprise Mayor, is determined with this idea and has targeted our neighborhoods with little warning--we should be very concerned.

"Don't Put it Here!"

circa 2009

The Center for Housing Policy Insights published this article attempting to answer the question: "Does Affordable Housing Cause Nearby Property Values to Decline?"


Dominium's Affordable Housing Proposal

January 28, 2021

Master Site Plan Narrative "The Promenade" Southwest corner of Cotton Lane and Waddell Road

Read or Download

The Promenade - Attorney's Website and Publication


This is the page published by the builder's attorneys about this development with more details.


The Effect of Affordable Housing on the Surrounding Neighborhood

July 1, 2019

In distressed neighborhoods, the basic findings were that building LIHTC housing increases surrounding property values and reduces crime rates.  In high-opportunity neighborhoods, LIHTC housing has no effect on crime rates, either positive or negative, but a small negative impact on property values

No upcoming events at the moment

Contact Patrick Duffy, Distrct 3 Council Member and Vice Mayor

Join Vice Mayor Patrick Duffy to discuss the issues that are important to you and learn more about what’s happening across the city.

  • Where: Spencer’s Place
    15341 W. Waddell Road Ste 101, Surprise, AZ 85379

  • Time: 9-11 a.m.

  • When: First Saturday each month

Visit Patrick's D3 website here:

15341 W. Waddell Road Ste 101, Surprise, AZ 85379

Thanks for submitting!

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